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Christmas – A Reflection on Giving and Receiving

child opening christmas gift

Christmas is a special time of the year for many around the world.  Most of us have those special memories as children waking up to presents from Santa Claus on Christmas Day under the tree.  We are all certainly shaped by our experiences of Christmas that we carry with us as adults in how we celebrate the holiday today.  Our spiritual lives also play a major role as followers of Christ and tell us why we celebrate Christmas as well.

Let’s start with the joy of receiving gifts this time of the year.  Everybody loves to receive an awesome gift this time of the year.  The gift represents a thought of love and how much someone means to you.  Most people make lists and rank those things they dream of receiving this Christmas.  There is nothing wrong with wanting nice things for Christmas, but a proper balance and perspective helps make the receiving that much sweeter.

As much fun as it is to open presents, there is nothing more joyous than to be a blessing to someone else at Christmas.  There is something about giving, no matter what time of the year, that brings inner joy.  Christmas provides that special opportunity to be a blessing through online church giving.  By giving to others (loved ones and even those you don’t know in need), we model what God did for each of us that very first Christmas in Bethlehem.

Christmas is about Christ!  The center of all that we do this holiday season should go all the way back to the manger and the birth of baby boy.  There will be no gift that we can ever give or receive that will touch what God gave to all of humanity.  May we model that this season through the blessing of giving to others and by receiving presents from those that we love and care for.  Merry Christmas!


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