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Church Online Platform Integration

Church Online Platform Integration

Peanut butter and jelly.
Bacon and eggs.
Rock and roll.

Some things just belong together.

Like Church Online Platform and MinistryPlatform: Two solutions that complement one another very well for larger churches.

Church Online Platform (CHOP) is a free tool for churches to launch an online ministry. CHOP allows you to broadcast church services, as well as to provide live chat, live prayer, and other ways to help create community. And now we are happy to announce that…

CHOP can now leverage user accounts from MinistryPlatform!

Through OIDC (Open ID Connect), an industry-standard way of integration authentication, CHOP can now leverage user accounts from MP. This removes the need for yet another username/password from the congregant and improves the value proposition of both systems to create ways to easily move between them.

What a great first step in simplifying user access for joint customers!

And it paves the way for other future integrations between MinistryPlatform and CHOP. In the coming months, we will be working on a second integration that will take advantage of new webhooks available in CHOP that will deliver engagement data directly into MinistryPlatform. This will allow a fuller picture of engagement from your church body.

Make sure you are taking advantage of Simple Sign-On and Social Logins in MP to give your CHOP users the easiest login experience possible in MinistryPlatform.

Alrighty, ready to set up the integration?

We’ve got a great video and FAQs that can walk you through everything you need to know. (Be sure to set up your account with CHOP first before configuring the integration with MinistryPlatform).

And then start enjoying how CHOP and MinistryPlatform are great together, like a good ole PB&J.

Find more blogs on MinistryPlatform at ACST Church Growth.

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