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Church Summer Giving Trends

Church Summer Giving Trends

Summer is a time of great joy as there are usually so many things to celebrate- graduations and the wrapping up of an academic year, weddings, vacations, family reunions, etc. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that, for most, summer is a cheerful time of year! This attitude should translate to our giving, too. Cheerful givers donate to see the impossible become possible. Giving to the church is good, and you want good things for the people God has entrusted to your care. Church summer giving trends can defy the odds and avoid the church giving summer slump stats when your church is passionate about purpose. How? Because your passion makes people participate and stay committed to the journey. 

Inspire those cheerful givers by putting a plan in action that will take the church to a whole new level this summer and beyond. Minimize financial risk and avoid costly mistakes by proactively identifying any unique financial challenges facing your church’s purpose this summer and then developing a reachable giving strategy to address them. Look to increase summer giving by: 

Tying both their consistent and extra giving to a story or project 
  • It’s not okay to expect people to give without telling them why, for what, and how
  • After the donation is received, thank them with more than a receipt- they want to transform lives, so tell them how their gift made an impact and helped you reach the goal
Providing every available modern option for giving in addition to traditional (and much needed!) cash and checks in the offering plate
  • Online giving: Accept payments virtually anywhere and any time
  • Mobile: Enable people to give to your church from the mobile app
    •   Let donors manage their giving profiles
    •   Make recurring giving a high priority and promote it
  • Text: Make it super easy for anyone to give immediate donations
  • Pledges: Give people the opportunity to track giving toward the target amount
Inspiring and removing every barrier that potentially stands in the way of giving
  • Create giving campaigns and pledges for specific initiatives and show current status graphics online
  • Create videos and stories that show the impact 
  • Teach on giving (stream & share on social media, too) so people (no matter where they are at the time) will be prompted to give 
  • Remember to vary your summer communications so that you’re engaging members more than simply when you ask for money
  • Be accessible- online, in person, and during post-church summer office hours
  • Social media presence keeps people in the loop- that’s where they are, so make sure you are in their feeds

Nurture cheerful givers by helping them see the good they are doing day in and day out for your church and its ministries. People became church members because they believe in your mission. They stay with you because you consistently prove yourself worthy of their trust and commitment. Transparency and dependability are key in church-giving summer trends. When you say you will do something, be true to your word. Did you know that people give to vision more than they give to charity? Why? Because there is no shortage of charitable causes, a truly inspiring vision is rare. Take some time with your team to seek God in prayer and either get a vision or clarify your existing vision so that other people can easily see it and be inspired by it. Remember, growing churches clearly articulate their mission and create a variety of ways for their people – both new and old – to get on board and stay in pursuit of what really matters no matter the season– winter, spring, summer or fall.

Church Summer Giving Trends

The Three Characteristics of the Cheerful Giver: Fundraising as Ministry 

Donors of all sizes deserve to know the difference they are making. Henri Nouwen reminds us that fundraising is all about creating a relationship between those who have resources and those who need them, in order to advance God’s Kingdom. 

This guide outlines the key desires of donors and how churches can meet those needs.


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