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Blog » Don’t Miss Out on the Joys of Summer

Don’t Miss Out on the Joys of Summer

father and son eating ice cream

While summer break may be over, the warm weather is here to stay for a little while longer, so we still have time to enjoy it!

We may be leaders and we definitely are adults, but something about summer brings out the kid in me. I can remember the joy and excitement it brought me as a child, and it still makes me happy to think about the fun it can still bring me as an adult. So don’t let the summer slip by without enjoying it like a kid for just a little bit.

Before summer is over make sure you do a few of these things:

  1. Have ice cream for dinner.
  2. Set up a slip-and-slide in your backyard, soap suds and all.
  3. Sit outside until it gets dark.
  4. Try to catch a firefly.
  5. Make and eat a s’more.
  6. Invite friends over for a game night.
  7. Cut into a big, juicy watermelon.
  8. Cannonball into the pool.
  9. Enjoy popsicles in the heat of the day. 
  10. Play in the sprinkler. 

God designed us to enjoy the world He created for us. So don’t let yourself get so busy or so grown up that you forget the joy of summer. 

So pick something fun today and go do it! Better yet, grab your family and some friends and initiate the fun! Summer isn’t over until fall rolls in.

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