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Don’t Take a Vacation from Communication

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Your congregants are ready to enjoy summertime, most likely planning trips to the beach, mountains, lake houses, or to see family (finally!). While you can’t travel with them in person, there are ways you can stay connected while they are away.

For those attending in-person or online services each week, your pastor or worship leader will share important announcements and news to keep them informed. However, those on vacation may miss that information while away. 

Realm’s Newsfeed is the perfect place for you to post any important information you want to share with congregants. While away, they can continue receiving notifications and seeing newsfeed posts through the Realm Connect app to stay updated.

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Don’t forget to share your streaming link each Sunday for those on vacation to join and watch online. Posting the link to your Newsfeed gives them easy access and keeps it top of mind for them to worship with your church even from afar.

Communication from your church office to congregants is vital, but communication between members should also stay consistent throughout the summer. Encourage group leaders to post to their groups’ newsfeeds and keep their group members engaged with each other. 

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A great way for group leaders to include those on vacation in their usual group events or meetings is to utilize live streaming. Group leaders can create an event in their group, including the streaming link, and invite all their group members, even those on vacation, to attend.

Vacation season doesn’t mean your church has to disengage. Instead, stay connected and continue fostering relationships within your church using Realm’s communication tools.

For more resources on Communication, please visit Church Growth.

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