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Easter Church Service Tips for Children’s Ministry

children coloring easter eggs

Easter is, without a doubt, one of the busiest days of the year for your church. Some churches will welcome dozens—or hundreds—of visitors to their events and Easter church service that weekend. Children will likely make up a large number of those visitors, and they may not have much practice sitting in church or maybe intimidated just to be at a new place. 

It’s a great idea to anticipate their presence and make special arrangements for them. Even small gestures go a long way in helping your youngest guests (and their families!) feel right at home when they join you on Easter. 

Here are 5 easy ideas to help make Easter more enjoyable for kids: 
  1. Provide “busy packets” with Bible-themed coloring books or notepads and crayons for kids who attend the worship service. These don’t have to be large or elaborate—just a small notebook and non-staining crayon will help keep kids occupied when they get antsy. 
  2. Give parents a small, non-messy snack to offer their kids if they get restless. You’ll want to make sure that the snack won’t leave a stain on fingers (or Easter outfits) and any crumbs will lift easily from the pews and carpets. Bite-size snack crackers or cereal are usually safe bets. Don’t choose any items with nuts and beware of the ingredients in case parents inquire because of food allergies. 
  3. Invite the children forward during the larger service for a short message on their level from the pulpit. A quick word about Easter from the pastor is always fun for children, helps keep their attention, and breaks up the service, which can feel long. 
  4. Ask several kids in each class to act as a special buddy on Easter; they’ll be on standby to welcome visitors who may otherwise not want to participate. Coming to a new church can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know anyone. Leaving parents for a kids’ service or class can be extra scary. The “Easter buddies” should be outgoing and friendly children who enjoy serving others. Their welcoming friendship can be especially reassuring for visitors.
  5. Hold an Easter egg hunt between services. Most children love an Easter egg hunt! Why not hold one on Easter between services, during the Sunday school hour, or immediately following worship? Welcome children of all ages and offer prizes for those who find the most eggs and the Golden Egg. If you have space, hold two different hunts: one for younger children with easier hiding spots and one for older children that’s more challenging. 

Make Parents’ Lives Easier When You Help Their Kids 

These tips may seem small, but for parents, they can help make your Easter church service a more enjoyable experience. And when you use an online check-in system, such as Realm, parents will move through registration quickly and be reassured of the safety of their little ones with Realm’s security features. 

With a little bit of forethought and advanced planning, making these accommodations will easily create a welcoming environment for kids, and will make the day more enjoyable for everyone who worships with you. 

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