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Blog » Using Easter Giving Data for Church Growth

Using Easter Giving Data for Church Growth

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Through the years, maybe you’ve noticed a huge spike in church attendance during the Easter season only to watch it level out a few months after. 

It’s a given that you will have dozens, if not hundreds, of visitors and newcomers, pass through your church doors during the many events and services you host during Easter. 

How can you capitalize on the uptick in attendance? How can you turn one-timers into regular attenders or even members? 

Church Growth from Easter Giving

One path to growing after Easter is by looking at the data from Easter giving. That’s right. When people give monetarily to your church, they are investing in it. Use their giving as an entryway to get to know them better and welcome them into full participation in your church. 

First, you need to use an online system for tracking giving, such as Realm. With Realm, you can easily record donations from individuals. Then, by generating customizable reports, you can use that giving data practically. Track first-time givers or track specific contributions made only during the Easter season. Use that opportunity to reach out to those individuals to thank them for their support. Invite them to meet with you or another staff member to discuss other ways they may want to get involved with the church. 

Some churches collect offerings designated for specific causes or ministries during the Easter season. If you notice a positive response to one such ministry, consider planning future programming around that cause. You could reach out to those who made significant donations to gauge their interest in leading more focused efforts for other ways your church could support the ministry year-round. 

Highlight the specific needs of your congregation and offer multiple ways for people to give (via text, online, etc.). After Easter, study the data to determine the most popular and frequently used ways people donated. Were any campaigns more supported than others? What in your specific appeals compelled people to give? Were some of the donors first-time givers or not even connected with your church? 

Getting answers to all of these questions can give you some helpful clues as to what motivates people to give and what causes, campaigns, and ministries they feel most burdened for. Plus, it will give you the insights you need to make real connections and follow up successfully after the Easter holiday!

Get Realm For Your Church Today

Realm helps church staff members and leaders manage all aspects of giving with ease. Through its dynamic platform and multi-purpose components, Realm is a vital tool for financial record-keeping and helps you to grow your church using it. 

Find out more about Realm and how it can work for your church! 

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