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Blog » Easter Ideas to Make Your Church Service Memorable

Easter Ideas to Make Your Church Service Memorable

Make Your Church Service Memorable

Easter ideas to make your church service memorable start and end with the people who make up your current church community. While church leaders have shared creative and out-of-the-box Easter service ideas for 2023 to communicate the transformational message of the cross, we have to take it a step further and be the church. It’s a calling for all of us, and not just the pastoral or worship teams. Make Your Church Service Memorable.

Some Easter worship service ideas that you can share with congregants and implement are:

  1. Creating an electronic invitation that is easy for members to forward along to their friends and post socially.
  2. Including a responsive reading during the service to unify the voice of the congregants.
  3. Images are powerful, and including a video element in your service can make it more impactful.
  4. Widen your audience and also provide a viable alternative to churchgoers by offering in-person as well as online services (this can be done via Facebook live)
  5. Easter Sunday worship ideas might also include laying written prayer requests at the foot of the cross. While you may have a prayer box in your narthex, the act of bringing the requests to the cross is a powerful realization. 

Can I humbly encourage you to concentrate on the Easter worship ideas you have already organized and prayed over? At the end of the day, will it matter if there were more green crayons in the children’s service kits than yellow ones? Sometimes we can become so caught up in the details and event planning that we can lose focus on the reason. It happens to the best of us. We are to be pointing people to our Savior. Discipleship goes beyond teaching people more about Christ. It’s about teaching people to obey and follow Christ.

Acknowledging what He has sacrificed for us doesn’t replace who He is.

I recently heard a Natalie Grant song, and the lyrics realigned my thinking:

Help me want the Healer, More than the healing

Help me want the Savior, More than the saving

Help me want the Giver, More than the giving

Oh, help me want You, Jesus

More than anything

Your church needs to make a unique impression on your community. This is true at any time, but especially poignant in the present. You have been gifted and graced with what you need to fulfill your unique role. Don’t try to be like the church down the street. Stop thinking about what you “ought” to do and start thinking about what you’re called to do. It’s important that you not only prioritize sharing your vision, but that you provide clarity. This is especially important for new people for two reasons: 

  1. They need to know quickly and consistently what your church is all about and why it matters, but also 
  2. Your existing members need to fully own your vision so they can share it.


All of your plans are important, but not as important as letting God lead you to reach your community in a profound way this Easter. And remember, we’re praying with you, trusting that God will lead your church to big things for His glory!

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