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Engaging our Culture this Easter

With Easter just a few weeks away, we have a prime opportunity for engaging others about Christ. Other than the Christmas season, unchurched people are more open to talk about religious topics at this time of year than any other.

Hollywood even has a focus on the Bible right now with recent movie releases such as Son of God and God’s Not Dead hitting the big screen. Hollywood wouldn’t make these movies if there were not significant interest and money to be made.

In this culture, all of us have to be very intentional in our witness. Gone are the days when the church was the centerpiece and part of everyday life for most people. We, as God’s people, must take the Gospel to the world. We must focus on meeting and building relationships with the unchurched. We must step out of our comfort zones and show God’s love to our world. Jesus modeled this for us in an amazing way in the Gospels. Once Jesus’ ministry started, you rarely saw him hanging out in the temple (church). He took the message of repentance and hope to the local cities and communities.

As leaders in our churches, we must model for our congregation what this looks like. We must lead our ministries with a balance of intentional outreach and still minister to those in the flock. This is not easy in every church and sometimes comes with a high cost, but following Christ and His word trumps all.

In Matthew 9, Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” There are more people hurting and searching for truth than ever before. May we commit to fulfill the Great Commission as God has called us. May we commit to praying for one another like never before. May we commit to getting out of our comfort zones and deepening relationships with the unchurched.

This Easter season is the perfect opportunity to put this calling of God into practice. Hollywood will only take it so far; it is up to us as God’s servants to take His Word to the world and see the great spiritual harvest in our communities.

A few weeks after the very first Easter, we see in the book of Acts some amazing things happening with the early church. Those days can be replicated in 2014 as we surrender to God and engage our culture with the “Good News.” There are only a few days left until Easter. Prepare your hearts now and let’s show our communities who Jesus is!

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