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Blog » Events that Fill the Building: Making the Most of Ministry Events

Events that Fill the Building: Making the Most of Ministry Events

events that fill the building

Even though most of us as church leaders know that the Church exists to impact individual lives with the Gospel, we also want to have large crowds of people attend our services and special events. We know in our hearts that numbers aren’t our number 1 priority, but at the same time we know that if we don’t get people through the doors of the church, we’ll never be able to reach out to those individuals.

Bottom line?  Events are important and must be executed well.

Churches of all shapes and sizes need to know how to dream up, plan, execute, and evaluate events.  These events must reflect the vision and mission of the congregation while meeting needs within the community at large.  Events must be attractive and marketed well. You need to run events with efficiency and stick to the budget. Events require volunteers who are capable and committed to the cause.

Events are a significant part of church culture. And rightfully so. We put on events to reach out to our community. We use events to educate, enlighten, and encourage our congregation. Some events activate us into ministry, while others cultivate deeper fellowship and meaningful relationships. Coordinating events is an integral part of every ministry in your church.

To help you take the first steps in creating and executing excellent events for your church, ACS Technologies has developed a ministry guide on events to walk you through all the necessary steps in building community and seeing growth in your congregation through holding events.  This unique ACST tool brings church leaders an accessible way to cultivate confidence in their event planning and a wealth of ideas for making every event as successful as possible.

Download the FREE guide today! 

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