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Every Hour Matters. What Are You Doing With Your Time?

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There are 168 hours in a week and only one of those we spend at church on Sunday mornings. Church has become very decentralized. In today’s time, people are spending more time on social media and less time in church. Many churches are seeing attendance rates decreasing. Pastors are becoming more and more frustrated because there are more empty chairs each week. But now you can attend church at the click of a button.

So how are we going to keep people connected in the community and God’s Word the other 167 hours during the week?

Here are 2 ways we can get connected, stay connected, and continue to see discipleship take place. 

  1. Build a Culture.

    • Many people grew up attending a church that promoted a way of thinking that Sundays are the only time to get involved and grow. It is imperative that culture is built within the body that invites your congregation to learn, grow, disciple, and serve outside of Sunday mornings. You may ask, “what does a culture look like?” simply put: it is what defines you. Additionally, the presence of your church’s volunteers, staff, and leadership on Sunday mornings as well as the overall message being communicated should encourage your congregation to stay more connected during the other 167 hours in the week. Do you welcome guests with the utmost hospitality? Do encouragement and positive energy run through the atmosphere? Are you capturing defining moments within your church and celebrating them from the stage, social media, and within certain ministry areas? Do you thank your volunteers for their hard work and faithfulness to serve? To sum up, verbal and non-verbal communication is important, and building a lasting culture that people want to be a part of starts at the front door.
  2. Utilize Social Media.

    • There are many different forms of social media. So In order for your congregation to stay connected, it is important for your church to have a presence in the online world. One important factor in doing this is helping “stop the scroll.” Many people get caught up in mindlessly scrolling through social media. They end up missing out on the best parts of life, one of which is spending time with God: to “stop the scroll”. It is important to post fun and engaging content. Posts need to engage your congregation into the culture and into God’s Word, prayer, and community. As a result, you connect your congregation all throughout the week and not just on Sunday mornings. 

Ministry happens every minute, of every hour, of every day. It’s important to create an atmosphere where people can connect to God’s Word daily. Build a culture that can truly define your church and spread goodness throughout the right platforms. In short, this invites them to be a part of what God is doing in your church and your community.

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