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Extreme Convention Makeover

Do you ever watch those makeover shows on tv?  They go from the exhausted Mom who hasn’t worn anything other than a sweatsuit in years to the full blown house.  These shows can be quite captivating.  They typically take something or someone, overhaul it, and make it even more amazing.  The people that get the makeovers are typically quite deserving.  They have a good core.  They just need a little updating.  The foundation of the house usually stays, it just gets a new structure.
Meet the 2010 Convention and our Makeover Story.  Our Convention is now the Ideas to Impact Conference.  The same foundation is still there.  Great employees interacting with our customers with informative and enlightening conversations.  Superb training  from ACS employees and topic experts.  Plus, it is all happening with a great community of users.  The layout and experience – all new and improved.  As Emeril would say, we’ve “kicked it up a notch”.  We are going to be offering a larger variety of classes and focusing things on the implementation of our products.  There will be tracks you can follow based on areas of interest – Giving, Serving, Child Security, Web Development, etc.  Sure, we’ll have the basics available, but the training and knowledge being shared will be at a whole different level.  You will learn something new.
Things will start earlier with John Ortbert kicking things off on Tuesday night, May 25.  The location changes every year and we’ll be headed to Louisville, KY.  In addition to ACS classes, I’m looking forward to seeing more of this city.  Should we all bring our big hats for one night?
Have you signed up?  It’s time.  Come join me at Ideas to Impact.  Impact – Your – Ministry with ACS.  It’ll be worth the trip.

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