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Blog » Five Ways to Make Christmas Count

Five Ways to Make Christmas Count

Christmas is a big deal. It’s a special season. Church attendance swells with people who haven’t been to church since Easter.

Here are five ways to make Christmas count.

1) Christ-filled Christmas Block Parties. Christmas is a great season for parties, and Jesus always loved a good party. Create space for people to be together. Encourage your people to throw Christmas Celebrations where they can develop relationships with people who live near them.

2) Christ-Centered Christmas Small Groups. December is a great time for small groups to gather and consider the wonders of Christ. Design or adopt studies that remind people of the most important parts of the Gospel.

3) Christ-Glorifying Christmas Presentations. There’s nothing more powerful then Jesus’ story. Live nativities draw crowds who are looking for a special way to remember the meaning of Christmas, and Christmas dramas that tell His story and heavily attended. Working together on these types of projects will do two things for your church. First, it gives your church a chance to speak well of Jesus, and second your people will develop close relationships as they work closely together to pull them off.

4) Christ-Honoring Christmas Music. Music sticks with us. It helps us remember things a lot easier than even the best sermon. Try and repeat the alphabet without singing it silently to yourself. There’s no better way to remember 26 randomly placed letters than song. Special Christmas music that declares the wonder of the incarnation is a great way for people to remember what happened over 2,000 years ago.

5) Christ-Like Giving. Giving things away is a great way to remember the gift given to us in Him. In Christ, God gave us life. He gave us His Son. He gave us His best. Collect quality toys for families who can’t afford them. You can give them away to kids who need them, or you can give parents a chance buy gifts for their children by creating Christmas stores on your campus where families can purchase quality things for their children at low cost.

Are there more ways you would add? If so, share in the comments below.

Merry Christmas!

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