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Friends and Family

Quite often, business relationships make opportunities for other relationships which run deep. This is especially true with the types of alliances that are formed between ACS Technologies and those clients who use our solutions to build effective ministry. The business partnership is a foundation that the relationship builds on, but the bricks and mortar come from getting to know and understand how ministry is provided by the church.
Churches often operate in different ways, but the commonality is that ministry is built by people helping people. That is what effective ministry really is: seeing the goals of the Kingdom delivered in any fashion that helps the needs of others. As a result, through our knowing and understanding the needs and goals of our client churches, we truly begin to help minister to their needs, and to the needs of its people.
As a result of getting to know these things, we naturally get to know the people, and being the wonderful people that they are, we like who we get to know! They often become more likened to family and friends than mere work associates.
One such friends and family example is that of the staff at North Trenholm Baptist Church in Columbia, SC. For nearly twenty years, we have served this church staff as they have served the people of our Palmetto State city capital. For about half of those years, they have subscribed to our premium support plan and benefit today from the services of our Megachurch Client Program. They are, we like who we get to know! They often become more like family and friends than some folks are to family who moved far away, or to friends who may have disconnected due to busy schedules or other obligations.
We recently paid them a visit to check in, and to help the office staff adjust to the improved mobility and flexibility offered by our ACS OnDemand hosted solution. Having the ability to work remotely, and to access data outside the church office are pluses that we hoped these folks quickly adapted to and enjoyed. Our concern was to help our friends at North Trenholm not miss a beat through the changes that newer technology provided.
MCP Account Manager Sylvia Watts (pictured in stripes), and Account Specialist Sherri Schoolcraft (in orange)  drove up to Columbia on a weekday morning and spent time with Financial Administrator Donna Crapps and Business Administrator Mike Childs. We must admit, however, that the visit was more pleasure than work, and as always, was a great experience for our office staff, as well. With great friends such as these, the most unpleasant task on the list that day was departing.
Thank you to our friends and family at North Trenholm Baptist Church, for their continued business relationship, but even more for allowing us into the circle that rewards us the most. And to all of you out there that allow us in as a tiny part in the huge ministries that you deliver, we appreciate and love you all, more than words can express. May God richly bless each and every one of you.

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