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Getting back to “the basics”

Sometimes you just need to get back to the basics.  When you are dealing with your faith, this often means reading the Bible instead of ABOUT the Bible.  I was recently trying to find a new devotional book.  I felt like I had exhausted the recently published pieces from Beth Moore, Max Lucado, and some of my other tried and true favorites.  I stirred up some new things to try, but nothing really that “clicked”.  Then, a friend recently invited me to a new Bible Study that is actually a weekly conference call.  It includes a group of women from multiple states and cities.  (It’s been a great application of technology, to sit at home with a cup of tea in my pajamas while participating)  This study is using 1 Peter, with a group of verses being focused on each week for study and memorization.
I have been trying to work on my scripture memory with this, so I am trying to keep the verses at my fingertips.  The device connected to my fingertips, my iPhone, is a great place to start.  I can use the eBible app to read those verses, or any others.  Within my one login, I can make any marks or notes and reference them from any web access or my phone.  If we could all scan a few verses as much as we look at Pinterest or Facebook, we could probably progress in our Biblical knowledge.
I am pleased that ACS Technologies is now partnering with eBible. eBible has 40+Bible versions, personalization with highlighting, underlining, and note takings, and Bible reading plans.  Last week, The City released an integration with eBible in the product.  All of the tools are available within The City and in the near future, it will share a login.  The resources of eBible are available to all of our clients, though.  Whether you prefer to access it via your phone or the web, the Word is just a “click” away. Check it out!
You can read more about the partnership between eBible and The City at The City’s blog.

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  1. Avatar for Denise Byard

    I’m interested in knowing more about the weekly conference call bible study. I live in Canada. Would it be open to me also? Blessings.

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