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Blog » How IT Directors Are Empowering Ministry

How IT Directors Are Empowering Ministry

How IT Directors Are Empowering Ministry

As an IT Director, you know that the new year brings on new ways to tackle challenges in technology. You need the flexibility to provide technology solutions that empower staff to do ministry, but at the same time keeping mindful of data security, minimizing risk, and tools that make sense of all the information your ministry collects on a daily basis.

IT Directors or managers who have moved their church management software (ChMS) solutions to MinistryPlatform and Higher Ground are able to thrive in their environment rather than spending their days putting out IT fires. Let’s look at some ways IT leaders have relieved the stress of managing multiple systems by utilizing MinistryPlatform as a ChMS and Higher Ground as their partner in managed IT services.


MinistryPlatform is a playground for IT leaders. They’re able to build out security roles as flexible and granular as they need to be. For example, they can be created by role or job function, such as the types of duties your senior pastor may need to accomplish on a daily basis. However, you’ll also be able to layer them so he or she could have multiple roles. Let’s say your finance director exits your ministry, the role could be layered on top until the new position is filled. You can even define what can be seen at the field level.  

That’s just the beginning for IT leaders. You’ll also gain access to an audit log that keeps track of every single page and tracks any changes made on each record. This means no more questions coming from staff regarding who changed information or when the change was made. You’ll know exactly when it was updated, what was changed, and who made the changes so your entire team is on the same page.    

At ACS Technologies, we know how frustrating it can be for IT leaders to manage multiple solutions at one time. That’s why MinistryPlatform has it’s own OAuth2 server built in and is integrated into every level of the product. You’ll also get access to API’s and webhooks to trigger process workflows and other areas of MinistryPlatform. Plus, API’s are fully integrated and fully audit logged as well.

Higher Ground

Where MinistryPlatform ends, Higher Ground begins. Higher Ground offers multiple levels of security and risk mitigation, as well as backup and disaster recovery. Higher Ground also supports the needs of IT leaders. Through consultation and support, such as network services and implementation, enterprise wireless systems, customized VolP phone systems, and more. And if you ever need assistance, Higher Ground offers support technicians who can help resolve any issue you may have. 

From flexible roles, audit logs, and API’s to security, phone systems, and risk management, MinistryPlatform and Higher Ground provide IT directors, managers, and leaders the tools they need to support their ministries. Find out more about how MinistryPlatform and Higher Ground can partner with your ministry. Check out our ACS Technologies website for more information.   

Dean is ​ ACS Technologies’  VP of Corporate Operations.  He is responsible for Information Technology and all campus facilities.  Born and raised in South Carolina, he has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems Management. He serves on the board and in leadership for a few local non-profit organizations.  His passions include helping others succeed​.

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