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How Pastors Keep Tools From Outgrowing Their Ministry

How Pastors Keep Tools From Outgrowing Their Ministry

The responsibilities of a pastor seem to be in a constant state of flux, right? From crafting sermons and planning worship services to shepherding their congregation throughout the year, it’s an ever-changing and growing role. Though pastors are continuously improving and evolving, their church management software (ChMS) solutions weren’t. As their ministry grew, they began to outgrow their ChMS. 

Naturally, pastors began to look elsewhere for a ChMS that was robust enough to provide the tools needed for their role, but flexible enough to grow with their ministry. Pastors started looking towards MinistryPlatform.

MinistryPlatform provides pastors with a robust toolset and growing ministries with the flexibility to expand their ministries without outgrowing their ChMS. Let’s take a look at how pastors with growing ministries like yours make the most of MinistryPlatform.

Discipleship and Engagement

Pastors know how important it is to track engagement and discipleship within their membership. Ministry is about building relationships with every person that walks through your doors. However, so many tools offer a one-size-fits-all approach to doing ministry. As you know, ministry is anything but one size fits all.

That’s why MinistryPlatform offers tools and solutions for pastors and pastoral care teams. So they can disciple, communicate with and engage their membership at every level. With journeys and milestones, pastoral care teams can track every member as they grow in their faith. Tracking baptisms, new member dates, volunteer attendance, and more. And with routines, MinistryPlatform monitors your data every night. And it automatically assigns the appropriate engagement level for each participant as you define it.

pocket platform
Pocket Platform

Additionally, when you pair PocketPlatform – the mobile app built specifically for MinistryPlatform users – with MinistryPlatform, you’re providing your membership with a fully integrated mobile experience tailored for them. They’ll only get notified about things that interest them, be able to give online, find new groups and events, and so much more. 

Reports, Charts, and Dashboards

Most pastors aren’t interested (nor do they have the time) to spend all day looking at reports. Ministry moves at the speed of light and they need answers just as fast. That’s why MinistryPlatform allows pastors and staff to create any chart or dashboard they need at the moment. 

Need a chart that quickly shows how many new visitors you’ve had recently? What about being able to see who’s on track towards faithful discipleship? These and so much more can be created at any time. Use them as long as you need to, or delete them when you want to track different information. For pastors or staff who are interested in more details, MinistryPlatform comes standard with more than 200 reports ready for you on day one.

MinistryPlatform is the solution pastors and pastoral staff rely on to disciple more people every single day. To find out more about how MinistryPlatform, with the help of ACS Technologies, can help you track and monitor discipleship, check out our ACS Technologies website for more information

Whitney joined ACS Technologies in 2017 and is a Senior Product Marketing Manager in the market department. Prior to ACST, Whitney worked at Blackbaud for 11 years in various roles focusing on churches and other non-profits.

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