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How You Can Boost Your Summer Giving by Going Mobile

How You Can Boost Your Summer Giving by Going Mobile

People are on the go. They’re online, at work, on summer vacation, or busy with activities. They’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, just to name a few. They can be reached by phone, email, text, and messaging apps. Have you thought about offering your church members a regular place to go for information, interaction, and giving this summer? It will build familiarity, increase engagement, and boost giving. Additionally, if you want to know how you can boost your summer giving by going mobile and benefit from a more predictable and steady revenue stream, we can help. 

Churches with a congregational communication tool and eGiving under one

umbrella have witnessed higher giving levels by almost 32%. Thirty-two percent. In a season that is commonly known as the “summer church giving slump,”  

mobile giving helps to catapult the church onward in her mission. You know all too well that, as Church leaders, you have a small window with which to speak and sow into people’s lives every week. What if your congregants could find and register for events, manage giving, communicate in groups, stay abreast of church updates on the Newsfeed, and manage their serving schedule and preferences in between Sunday services and while on vacation? Integrating an eGiving and communication platform with a ChMS increases engagement and inspires people to give more often. 

Your Goal

Your goal for a strong online community starts with an interactive platform that:

  1. facilitates strong communication and 
  2. personal engagement 

You need an innovative communication experience that lets people get to know each other, build relationships, share personal needs and grow spiritually in a safe, secure online environment. This is an extension of your church to further cultivate “koinonia” in the community that will meet practical needs and nurture spiritual growth.

Generous Giving

Generous giving stems from a grateful heart. Sow the seeds of communication and engagement so your congregation will reciprocate with loyalty and benevolence. Be bold and explain that eGiving is the best solution for supporting your church through the summer months as it:

  1. removes barriers and 
  2. lets people easily give any time from anywhere

Recently an abroad missionary friend shared a medical need for a villager via email. She succinctly shared the details along with the total amount she was hoping to raise and included an electronic way to contribute financially, should we feel impressed to do so. Several thousand dollars were quickly raised in less than a day, and the need was met. Hallelujah! She leveraged technology (by sending a group e-mail that I read on my smartphone) to minister to someone in need and enabled us to immediately participate (contribute funds electronically). See a cause and take action for the glory of God!

Giving Options

In the same manner, your church members want to give. Offering them a mobile app for consistent summer giving where they can donate their tithes and/or contribute to special offerings will fuel giving. Remind congregants of the bottom line goals to spread the Gospel, reach your community, and make more disciples; and then create interest in e-giving which will most definitely contribute to the goals by: 

  1. Telling members who have never given online how simple and fast it is.
  2. Holding a how-to and in-person meeting. Take it a step further and record it to then share on your church’s social media and website’s FAQ along with step-by-step instructions, walking them through your eGiving options and explain how they work. 
  3. You should also offer a staff member or volunteer as the point person for questions and help when members start eGiving. 

You can’t expect to stay engaged and connected with your people this summer – and looking ahead into the fall and holidays – if you’re not leveraging mobile technology. A church mobile app is a connector of congregants, community builder, and keeps engagement front and center. Church communication is always of paramount importance. It forms the foundation upon which all your other activities are built. People need to know what’s going on, what God is doing, and how they can participate no matter where they are physically located at that moment. Furthermore, in reaching them precisely where they are, you’re also stoking the fires of their continued passion for your mission.

How to Salvage a Downturn in Church Summer Giving

This year the summer giving slump will be real. It will be linked to the dip in attendance from people who still haven’t returned to church and the reality of families across the country finally being able to safely skip town. Meanwhile, your church is quietly suffering the consequences. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our How-To playbook contains:

  • Downloadable content
  • Site Resources
  • Free Images
  • Plus so much more!

David joined ACS Technologies in September of 2021 as the Director of Financial Planning and Analysis. He has over 15 years of experience in finance and equity research, financial planning, corporate development and strategy to drive growth and efficiency. He previously worked for HighRadius, Bristow Group, Clarksons, and CGGVeritas. David enjoys time with his family and participates in various roles at his church.

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