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Impactful Ideas…

ACS Technologies recently held our 25th annual conference: Ideas to Impact 2012. It’s been an amazing journey from the 1st conference way back in the last century. Over time the conference has evolved and some goals have changed, but one thing never changes: we are totally dedicated to providing attendees with a great experience.  By all accounts 2012 was better than ever.
One opportunity the conference provides R&D is a chance for our development staff to greet and meet users.  This year 22 members of our staff representing ACS, PDS, HeadMaster, and The City attended the conference.  We led classes, held usability testing sessions, spoke on the Spark Stage, helped customers resolve issues, and consulted with customers on ongoing development projects.  This exchange of ideas is key in helping us make the right decisions about scope, priorities and features.  It helps us implement the most impactful ideas in the most efficient way.
One dialog many of us had in classes and in one-on-one discussions regarded the integration project between ACS and The City.  We received tremendous feedback on how to improve the process while allaying fears of some:   “Don’t mess with my database!”  I’m confident our solution will meet the vision of the integration while giving data administrators tools to manage the security of their data.
The combination of ACS and The City is a truly unique solution for churches.  Check it out.  If you are interested in becoming a pilot user of the integration, please contact Sally Grantham or myself.
Thanks everyone who attended and I hope to see you next year!

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