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Interested in Streaming with Facebook Live?

You can barely scroll through Facebook without coming across someone sharing a live video. Facebook Live has become a very popular way for folks to share anything from personal thoughts to sales presentations and even events happening live.  As with most cultural trends, the church can use the popularity of this free live streaming ability to spread a Kingdom message.

If your church has a Facebook page (which if it doesn’t, you really should rethink that) then you can fairly easily use the live streaming option to communicate many things. This would be a great way to share important announcements during the week, to introduce new staff members or volunteer leaders, give people the opportunity to tune into a weekly Bible study or a social event. It could be used to live stream your entire service as well.

For a smaller church, the technology behind streaming live could seem intimidating or might sound too expensive. However, it can be done very easily simply using a smartphone! Without spending money to buy time on a local TV or radio station with simple internet access and a smartphone you can share events and information live through Facebook.

At Church Tech Today, Kevin Purcell shares Stream Your Church Services With Facebook Live. He does a great job going into detail and explaining how to live stream using a phone, using a computer with special software, using a Mevo camera and using special software. He goes into details with step by step instructions including pictures for a beginner. He recommends different microphones, compares prices on the equipment and software, includes which cables he recommends using and even gives troubleshooting tips.

His explanations can help a small or large church navigate which option would work best for them. He explains which software needs someone tech savvy to run it versus software that is more user/beginner friendly. He even shares a link that shows your church how to set up a church Facebook page. He saves you an incredible amount of time with all the research and detail he shares. If a church is considering using Facebook Live on a regular basis Kevin Purcell sets them up for success!

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