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Blog » Introducing Mobile Check-In for Realm

Introducing Mobile Check-In for Realm

Mobile Check-in

Sunday morning can be a stressful time for your members, from rallying the troops to getting ready and rushing to church on time. And then there’s the line at the kiosk.  

While patience is a virtue, people live fast-paced lives in today’s day and age and can get anything ordered with a click of a button. Waiting in a long line is not ideal. Realm’s mobile check-in solution allows your church to offer a safer, more efficient way for your congregants to check-in for events, groups, and serving teams. 

Mobile Check-In Setup

Getting started with mobile check-in is as easy as 1-2-3.  Simply go to the Mobile Check-In tab in the Admin section of Realm and enable mobile check-in for ministry areas, groups, events, or serving teams. 

realm check-in software

You can also choose which check-in modes are available for each option.  For example, if labels do not need to be printed, you can select the contactless check-in option. 

realm add a serving team

Mobile Check-In Experience

Members with the Connect app on their mobile devices will receive a notification when the check-in window is open. 

realm connect mobile application alert

Once a congregant chooses the mobile check-in option in the navigation bar in the Connect app, they’ll be able to check-in themself and their family members for all events that day. 

If children are checking in, a parent can add or update the emergency contact information in the check-in process. 

realm mobile check-in software
realm mobile check-in software

If contactless check-in is enabled, congregants will complete the check-in process in the Connect app. For events that require labels to be printed, members can scan a barcode at the kiosk or type in a code generated in the mobile check-in process. 

realm mobile check-in software

Mobile check-in can also gather virtual attendance information, which will feed to the attendance dashboard, where you’ll see a breakdown of in-person and virtual attendance. 

realm mobile check-in software

Mobile check-in is a great way to increase efficiency, provide a safe environment for your congregants, and improve your church’s visibility into attendance.  Learn more about mobile check-in at

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