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Iron Sharpens Iron: Connecting churches

You know what’s really cool about working for a company like ACS Technologies? Watching the ways that we help other churches connect with each other.

I’ve seen it at our user groups, where our clients who live and work near each other get together to help share tips and ideas and to problem solve. And of course I saw it big-time at the ACS Technologies Ideas to Impact Conference.

I was introduced to Rick Martin, who works for Northwest Bible Church in Spring, Texas, who was sitting at the same table as several individuals from several churches, all eating ice cream sandwiches together and talking about church social networking. Also at the table was Cory Rush, Jenn Booth and Melissa Pizzi Evans from South Hills Bible Chapel in McMurray, Pa. Another was Michele Degazio of RiverTree Christian Church in Massillon, Ohio.

They were introduced because they all happen to use The City. Here are a few things I overheard:

“They’re a church about the same size as us, we’re just getting ready to begin our city processes. They were just so helpful and shared such good stories about what’s happening on The City at their church.”

“I think one of the things that Jenn said was the best way to get the senior leadership on board was sharing good stories that are happening and constantly feeding them. Because they’re not always on The City, you’ve got to feed those stories back to them. That just creates more buy in if they know what’s really happening out there.”

“Yeah, the stories, they’re real. You could make this stuff up on a demo site, but it’s actually happening in the churches. You know your senior leadership hears it differently if you can point out the people you’re talking about.”

“There’s somebody in my life group who has a friend who’s a single mother. And this mother,  she only had one person to help her move. So my friend asked the life group if they would be able to help, and now that’s happening tomorrow. They were on it. And then the aftermath of that is that a woman who’s not connected to our church, she’s a friend of someone who goes to this church, and now she’ll see a need that’s met. Don’t you think she’ll want to find out more about this church?”

“I mean, my husband was cutting down a tree, he thought he knew what he was doing, but then it was starting to lean toward the house. We posted on The City, “any body from our life group available?” And a couple of guys were at our house in 30 minutes and got it down safely.”

Now, I only got the highlights of this church social networking conversation. The churches were at different stages in launching The City, and they exchanged contact information. And that day, as well as going forward, they learned from each other. They were living proof that iron sharpens iron. How cool is that?

Want to connect with churches near you to help sharpen your skills, whether it’s about church social networking or any other topic? Reach out! We can help connect you with plenty of resources.

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