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Blog » Make Your Life Easier! Top Ten Lists for Year-End

Make Your Life Easier! Top Ten Lists for Year-End

Do you receive our monthly eNewsletter? It’s a great resource for clients, put together by our Information Design & Development department — this month, the IDD folks have created some useful year-end top ten lists. Here’s a preview, with links to the full articles.
Another year has flown by and we’re quickly approaching the Christmas holidays. While the Christmas message is one of joy, church staff often experience extra stress because along with Christmas activities, most offices are thinking about closing their financial year and sending out contribution statements.
Last year, you told us that our year-end list of questions and answers was quite helpful, so this year, we asked our support department to compile an updated set of tips for our latest software version, ACS 11.0 and above.
2011 Contributions Top Ten Year-End List
by Rebecca Hanna Dickie
Contributions had big changes in ACS version 11.0, which came out earlier this year. One of the biggest is that you no longer have t close the year — yes, that’s right. If you are using 11.0 and above, this Top Ten list is for you. If you’re using 10.6 or below, please view this top ten list.
If you are not sure what version of ACS you are using:
– Log in to ACS.
– Go to Help>About. The ACS version you’re using displays just under the ACS People Suite logo.
1. When should envelope numbers be assigned?
You can reassign envelope numbers at any time during the year, but you must make sure you are ready to post contribution gifts using the new envelope numbers before you click Apply. Once you click Apply, the new envelope numbers immediately take effect. Once the new numbers are applied, the only way to go back to the old envelope numbers is to restore an ACS backup.
2011 Financials Top Ten Year-End List
by Edith Davis
General Ledger
1. What is the difference between closing to a single fund principal or selected fund principal?
– You close to a single fund principal account when one fund displays on the Fund menu.
– You close to selected fund principal accounts when multiple funds display on the fund menu. This allows ACS to close all funds at one time.
2. Do I have to close each module separately?
General ledger is the only module that has a year-end closing procedure. In all other modules, you close the current month.

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