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Maximize The Effects of Vacation Bible School

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Vacation Bible School is a staple on many church calendars as we hit the summer months.  For many churches, this week dates back many years.  VBS can provide a big boost to the overall church if planned properly.  Here are ten things that can help maximize the effects of Vacation Bible School this summer:

1) Carefully select your theme.  Don’t pick the same curriculum that every other church in the area is using.
2) Choose the best time of day.  Churches usually have better participation of kids and volunteers in the evening.  Identify what time works best for your church family.
3) Consider offering a class for adults.  Reaching parents while their children are in VBS is a huge plus.
4) Offer lunch/supper.  Depending on the time of day chosen, food may be mandatory.  Although this can be costly, providing a meal makes it more convenient for families to be there.
5) Family Night. At the end of VBS, it is important to end with a bang!  One way is to offer a family night event where parents come and participate with their children.  This event could involve a special performance or include games, etc.
6) Incentives to bring guests. Challenge the children to bring their friends!  Reward kids who do bring friends.
7) Involve the entire church staff.  Visibility of the pastor and ministerial staff is important during VBS.
8) Have a missions offering.  It’s so important to teach the kids about giving to help others. You can even make this a contest between the boys and girls for fun.
9) Volunteering. Spend proper time placing your volunteers in the right area of service.  This is also a great time to pray for your leaders and the kids who will be coming to VBS.
10) Online Signup. Make it easy for your church family and guests by providing an online signup page.  This makes it easy for all involved in preparation for the start of VBS.

Are there more you’d add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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