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A Letter to our Clients: We Remain Dedicated to Serving You

Churches are just learning that an aggressive private equity investment firm has bought up yet another church management software company.  It grieves us to hear of the job layoffs and customer disruption that seem to follow when this happens.

If you are among the nearly 50,000 churches, schools and organizations that rely on ACS Technologies® solutions, we’d like you to know that ACS Technologies has been privately owned by the same families for more than 35 years, and we have no intention of selling the company.  Even when staggeringly large dollars are dropped on the table in temptation, we politely say ‘No.’

That’s because, at our core, we take seriously our mission to serve the faith based community with integrity, diligence, and authenticity. The Christian company owners and leaders of ACS Technologies remain unwaveringly steadfast and committed to helping you in ministry.  We strive to run our company profitably, not for profit’s sake, but so we may continue to serve our clients well and provide for our employees and their families.  Our staff knows above all to do the right thing,  even if it is costly.  We respect the needs of our clients, partners whom we serve and whose growth we value more than our own, because we are dedicated to helping churches do real ministry that changes lives for eternity.

So, to all ACS Technologies clients – those using ACS, PDS, Realm, Headmaster, and The City:  You can count on us staying the course in support of your technology and service needs.

For customers of other church management solutions who may want a new, more reliable partner in ministry, or church management company owners who want a path forward that continues to place passionate service to the church first:  let us know if we can help you.

On behalf of the entire company and Board of Directors,  we give thanks for the privilege of walking alongside you in Christian ministry.

Marvin Owen, President & Owner
ACS Technologies

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