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Ministry Impact Story: The Bible Chapel

The Bible Chapel was born in 1963 when nine couples began meeting, praying, and studying the scriptures together in McMurray, Pennsylvania. It has experienced a stream of steady growth as the area has changed and the congregation has matured. The Bible Chapel rests on the love and sacrifice of its people who’ve always sought to help others find a place in this fellowship.

This large church is not a sleeping giant. It is an active body of employed believers who are engaging their community in the message and mission of Christ. The Bible Chapel has an average attendance of 4,200 adults and children spread across its four physical campuses and an online campus.

Their growth has been impressive, but all growth brings challenges. How could they keep such a large group of people who are spread out over a vast geographical area connected and moving forward in the vision that God has given them?

Jenn Booth, Director of Ministry Process Development says, “Our goal is to care for our congregants, whether it’s the new person in the assimilation process or ongoing maintenance care. But we had to ask ourselves – how do we do that using so many different systems?” That’s when they knew Realm was the best option for them.

“Realm has allowed us to move from using multiple products, like ACS and The City, because it has brought it all together in one solution for us. The City was great for community, but we needed more than just community. We needed community and administration together. Our staff can now quickly and easily track new people, who’s disengaging, who to follow up with, and so much more. That allows us to focus on caring for them.” Booth continued.

Cory Rush, Database Administration, says, “Combining Realm dashboard reports, which show potential opportunities for pastoral care, with accessibility of congregant contact information, and the ability to track people through processes in Pathways, is allowing our pastors to provide greater care than has ever happened before.”

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