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Ministry Impact Story: Two Rivers Church, Knoxville, TN

Two Rivers Church, right outside of Knoxville, TN,  is doing what it takes to reach people of all generations. Not only do they offer 6 different worship times on the weekend, but the uniqueness comes from 3 different styles of worship that are all on the same campus. This new trend is called multi-venue and includes services in what is called “Two Rivers Live”, “The Blend”, and “Amped”.

Two Rivers officially launched in 1998 and is currently running about 2,000 people on the weekend. Two Rivers is looking at adding a 7th service this fall with a second “Amped” service. With that kind of impact on so many people each week, Two Rivers focuses on how to make a big church feel small. Communications specialist, Jonathan Carone said, “We want to welcome people into a caring community. By accomplishing this, more people can serve.”

The City has helped Two Rivers accomplish this goal. In February 2014, the church officially launched The City and it has had a tremendous effect on how the membership connects throughout the week. Carone also shared that, “The City allows us (the staff) to let ministry leaders step up and lead well. It also streamlines communication consistently to avoid so many meetings.” Carone also added, “Each week, we post an upcoming sermon teaser on The City which has spawned a lot of discussion amongst members and leads to anticipation for that week’s message.”
With over 1,400 of its membership connected to The City, Two Rivers offers many tutorials and has even set up their own “The City Genius Bar” to help those who have questions. The City Genius Bar team members have iPads in hand and even wear orange vests to signify who they are. The genius bar is important to help members whether it be resetting passwords, fixing email settings, or solving any other issues they may have. Carone said, “Change is hard for everybody – we want to be accessible.”

Two Rivers is a church on mission and The City is helping them to communicate and connect quicker and better. The future is bright for this young church as they continue to build the kingdom and reach all generations with the message of hope and truth.
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