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Home » Ministry Leaders: Mac Lake on Leadership Development, part 2

Ministry Leaders: Mac Lake on Leadership Development, part 2

We respect the real thought leaders in ministry who are doing ministry day in and day out. Because of that, we’re bringing you different voices with real ministry perspective to aid, challenge and inspire you. It’s not about what we think, it’s about helping you learn from your peers. And in that, we’ll all growing together.
As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

By Mac Lake
We talk about it a lot.  We know we need it.  We look for it.  But what is Leadership Development?  When I want to understand something I usually turn to a dictionary to get a definition. Well last night I was thinking about leadership development and it hit me – I’ve never defined it.  Since I couldn’t find a definition in my dictionary I decided to take a swing at it myself.  So here you go Mr. Webster, this one’s for you:   Leadership development is an intentional process in which one interacts with an experienced leader in order to grow in the character and competencies that increase their effectiveness in influencing people, culture and outcomes.
Each phrase is important…

  • Intentional process – too often we try to develop leaders without having a well thought out process.  We say, “our leadership development is organic.”  Another way to put it is “our leadership development is accidental.”
  • Interacts with– Leadership development must be relational.  It’s a two way not a one way relationship.  Learning requires interaction, questioning, challenging and sharing.
  • Experienced leader – Leaders are produced by leaders.  You cannot lead someone where you have not been yourself.  This doesn’t mean the trainer needs to be an expert but they do need to have experience in leading.
  • Grow in character and competencies – Leadership is a balance between being and doing, between spirit and skill.  In order to become a more effective leader you must grow in character and competency.
  • Increase effectiveness – Leadership development is all about improving; becoming better today than you were yesterday.  It’s about growing so you can increase your impact.
  • Influencing people, culture and outcomes – As John Maxwell says, “Leadership is influence.”  Our development efforts must help leaders be more effective at influencing the attitudes, thoughts and behavior patterns of people.  But it goes beyond that, a leader is also responsible for the corporate culture of his organization or team.  So every leader must learn how to influence the corporate personality and values of the organization.  And finally leaders are responsible for results, so every leader must increase their ability to influence the results of their organization.

So if this is the definition the question is:  Are we actually doing leadership development?

Thanks for reading this post – join us next week for the next part in this leadership development series by Mac Lake, “Ingraining Leadership Development in Your Culture.”

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