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Blog » Mobile Apps that Promote Spiritual Health

Mobile Apps that Promote Spiritual Health

Tis the season for giving, and this year, a phone or tablet might be on your gifting (or receiving) list. Whether you pick up the newest Apple device, explore the wide possibilities of Android technology, or just receive a gift card for iTunes or Google Play, mobile apps remain the heart of any mobile experience.
While you may already use integral mobile apps such as Evernote, Dropbox , Facebook, Kindle and Angry Birds, you may be curious to discover apps that are designed to support Christians in their daily walk with God. Whether you’re looking for a mobile app for personal use, or for a suggestion for a loved one or member of your ministry, you can find many possibilities for both iOS and Android devices.

YouVersion Bible

It’s only natural that this list starts with the Bible, the most important Christian spiritual foundation. There are a number of Bible apps to choose from, but the free YouVersion Bible app developed by integrates your mobile Bible with the features of the website. You must register for a free YouVersion account, but this app provides access to many Bible versions in several different languages. Some versions also include audio, which allows you to listen to scripture on the go. Add to this Bible search, extensive reading plans, bookmarking, note taking and lots of customization, and you have a robust Bible in your pocket at all times.
iOS Version | Android Version

Bible Study

When you want to go deeper into the Word, Olive Tree Bible Software presents a free study app. Named Bible Study for Android and Bible+ for iOS, this app provides over a hundred free study resources with the option to purchase other resources as you need. With several available Bible versions and side-by-side referencing, you can bookmark, highlight and create your own study notes on your mobile device. You can also study in the off-line mode, sync with other mobile devices in the cloud, and share verses through your favorite social networks.
iOS Version | Android Version

Bible Memorization

Learning and memorizing scripture is an important part of living in God’s Word. With so much on your mind each day, this may be easier said than done. Apps, such as Bible Memory for Android and Bible Memory Verses for iOS, provide numerous ways to make memorizing Bible verses more accessible. Use flash cards, audio readings, word puzzles and other methods to overcome the challenge of memorization, even when you only have a little time each day.
iOS Version | Android Version

Catechism of the Catholic Church

For children (and adults) who want to learn the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the New City Catechism app is a great study tool. This app provides 52 questions and answers about catechisms, one for each week of the year. You can track your progress, watch videos, read historical teachings, and pray historical prayers related to the weekly question. The app provides both NIV and ESV scripture options, and offers a joint study experience for both children and adults.
iOS Version | Android Version

Church Life

If your church uses Access ACS and Facility Scheduler, the free Church Life app lets you remain connected to staff and congregation at all times. This app features online mobile giving, church event calendars, and access to member contact information, all in the palm of your hand. You can also manage your church staff’s tasks and automatically call or text church members while viewing their contact information within the app. It’s an excellent solution for the church leader on the go!
iOS Version | Android Version

The City

While The City offers a mobile version for your device’s browser, you can also access all of your Cities using the iOS app. Interact with your groups by reading and responding to topics, needs and prayers posted on the Plaza and your news feeds. This app also gives you access to upcoming events on the calendar, allowing you to RSVP for events and view a list of people who plan to attend. With The City app, you can always keep in touch with your groups through automatic notifications no matter where you are.
iOS Version | Android Version is in Development

A Spiritual Mobile Experience

While these aren’t the only Christian and ministry-based apps available, this list starts you on the path to bringing your spiritual life to your mobile device. As our mobile devices become a more integrated part of our daily experience, we must all decide how to best use this technology to connect with others in our Church and carry out God’s will.
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