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Moving Forward with Better Communication

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Realm gives you the ability to reach your parishioners.

Parishes are in some state of what will become a ‘new season’ of connecting with parishioners. Whether your parish has reopened, is holding online services, or is offering both live and online services, your ability to connect with and engage parishioners has been impacted. 

We can no longer solely rely on our weekly bulletins, announcements, or socializing (before or after Mass) to reach our parishioners. What alternatives allow us to connect with our church community — staff, priests, and parishioners? 

The familiar choices to communicate include Facebook, your website, and emails. All are great ways for reaching your parishioners, but these are common platforms that everyone uses to reach out right now. So how do you ensure your parishioners are receiving and reading your messages? Realm, by ACS Technologies, is the solution your parish needs! 

Realm lets you communicate via news feeds, email, and chat with in-app notifications. Text Messaging is also available. Parishioners have personal control of their notification preferences so they get relevant communications in the way they want to receive them. Your parishioners can even update their contact and family information and control who can see their information. Your church directory will never be out of date again!  

Now we can connect in ways we didn’t seriously consider just a few months ago. Realm makes it easy to communicate with the entire parish, one or more groups (lectors, Eucharistic ministers, religious educators, small groups, etc.), just a few individuals, or a single parishioner. They will be notified immediately and can respond just as quickly.

Learn how Realm can help you take the next step in connecting with your parishioners.

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