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Oh To Be Consistent

Last week the PGA Championship was played in my home state of South Carolina. It was played on the beautiful Ocean Course at Kiawah Island. Now for wannabe golfers (like me) this was a big event for our state. All the top golfers, including Tiger and Phil, arrived for the tournament and I was lucky enough to be there for two days. Golf is a unique sport in that the spectators can be very close to the competitors. I was able to see how the best golfers in the world played the game. What impressed me the most was how prepared the golfers were to hit every shot. Their pre-shot routine looked like a well-rehearsed, deliberate step of movements that they knew would produces a consistent quality golf shot.
After the tournament I took the chance to reflect on how what I had learned from the best golfers could apply to my full time profession; serving churches with technology. In business we all strive for good results but what does it take to deliver high quality results? What does it take to deliver consistent quality product updates? How can you consistently deliver quality customer service with each and every client interaction? From my experience you need to follow the example of the well-rehearsed, pre-shot routine of the golf pros. A product update has to be proceeded by many steps to plan, develop, test, test and test some more before delivery. Likewise for a fully operational customer support center, you have to plan, staff, equip, train, train, and train some more to be fully ready when there is a customer need. At ACS Technologies we are fortunate to have many long-termed employees that are good at developing the processes and procedures needed to deliver consistent quality results. I am fortunate to be able to work with some of the best of the best in the church software business. It is great to see the organization working and people enjoying what they do.
Now if I can just put some more time into my golf game and start seeing some more consistent quality results….

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