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Blog » One Month until the Ideas to Impact Conference

One Month until the Ideas to Impact Conference

It’s been hard for us to start calling the previously known “ACS National Convention” by its new name;  “Ideas to Impact Conference”.  Old habits are hard to change. But we are excited about the new format for the conference and believe that the attendee experience will truly be enhanced this year.
What’s different this year besides the name?  There are several things but here are a few:
– Multiple key note speakers that include John Ortberg, Eric Geiger, and Kevin Crosby.
– A full track of on Ministry Implementation with classes taught by “true experts” (people who have implemented in their churches).
– More industry guest instructors to learn about topics beyond the ACS software.
– Segmentation of the exhibit hall by customer groupings.  Depending on the size of your church, or whether you are school or a denominational office, there is a dedicated area staffed to work with you.
– I have also heard something about a race horse, a motorcycle, and a massage therapist, but you never know what the marketing department may come up with.
If you are not already signed up, check out the conference website and start making plans to join us in Louisville.

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