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Online Security for Your Organization

It’s been a couple of years since the online use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets overtook PCs and laptops. In other words, pretty much everyone is online nowadays.

Try to think for a moment what that means when it comes to the exchange of information. It’s hard to imagine the mountains of information flowing online every day as billions of people send emails, order products, do their banking, post on social media, and do countless other life activities.

Online information needs security

The online world is an amazing place to be. But, like many other places where people are involved, some kind of security measures are necessary. Software that connects online requires regular security updates in order to keep its stored information safe.

Online security is a world within the online world. It’s a constant presence that usually operates behind the scenes as we do things online. Our lives are increasingly lived online, so it’s becoming more important for all of us stay up to date with its security standards.

It’s time for a security update

Here at ACS Technologies, the security of your online information is our highest priority. So, we always follow software industry best practices when it comes to online security.

Improved online security standards are now available, and it’s time for all of us to work together to keep our systems secure. In order for that to happen, everyone needs to be updated by June 1, 2017.

This security update is important because after June 1st outdated systems will not work properly with our software services. Please check out this resource for more information.

We’re partners with you in online security

The good news is there’s plenty of time between now and June 1st to take action. We’re your partner in keeping things updated and secure. So, contact us at 1-800-669-2509 if you have any questions. We’re always here to help!

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