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Operating Your Church Effectively During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced churches to operate in new ways.  Some churches are scrambling to figure out how to operate away from the office, even going as far as taking church computers home and setting up shop there.  Even worse, some staff is forced to come into their church office and risk potentially spreading the virus to others.   

However, churches that use Realm aren’t finding they have these issues.  In fact, since Realm, Realm Accounting, and Realm Payroll are completely cloud-based, the idea of working remotely isn’t a scary notion for some churches…they’ve been able to operate effectively while away from the church this whole time!  And since Realm allows leadership to coordinate what areas of your data are accessible to staff, it’s business as usual from anywhere.  Let’s take a look at some other ways Realm can help your church get through this pandemic. 

Manage operations remotely

Realm offers robust church management tools for streamlining processes and church workflows, ideal when staff are dispersed.  Called Pathways, they allow your staff to manage any process or workflow your church may encounter, such as arranging pastoral care or tracking actions of volunteers, especially important as churches help shepherd others through the Coronavirus pandemic.  Some churches are even using Pathways in Realm for keeping themselves on track and accountable, such as the steps needed to close out the month.


For churches that aren’t used to working remotely, it can be difficult to make the change so quickly.  It’s important that you know all staff are working as effectively as possible while they’re away from the church.  However, staff from churches using Realm are keeping themselves accountable with the change log in Realm.  The changelog tracks changes to staff, congregants, groups, pathways and so much more, so you’ll always know what’s happening to your Realm data even when staff can’t be together. 


Working on a report and need to hand it off to someone on the leadership team?  Not a problem with Realm.  In Realm, staff members can access pre-built reports or even create one from scratch and share them directly with those that need it, anywhere, anytime.


Communicate with staff even when you can’t be face to face

In addition to your church’s operations, it’s understandable if COVID-19 has made your staff communications more difficult.  Though emails have their place, what if you needed to quickly contact staff members at once?  Realm provides a way for your whole staff to stay connected even when you can’t communicate physically.

Realm allows your staff to communicate together in groups through Chat.  You can set up groups for each of your staff functions, such as your finance team, those in administration or leadership, and anyone in pastoral care.  With Realm, staff can chat in real-time as if they were right beside each other.  And by downloading the Realm Connect church app, staff will be notified immediately even if they aren’t near their computer.  That way, your entire staff, and other teams are always in communication no matter where they are.


And since you can set up groups for each of your church staff teams, you can also communicate in each of the group’s news feeds, or all staff in your Realm-generated staff group.  The message will be there when staff login, but they’ll also receive the communication in a way that best fits their preference so you know they’re always connected to your church, no matter what.


The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked our world, but it doesn’t have to stop you from doing ministry and running your church effectively.  With Realm, you’ll be able to operate your church now and continue making an impact on your ministry.

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