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Organizing Groups in Your Database

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Let’s talk about groups and ministry areas. No matter the church you attend, chances are there are multiple types of groups that fall under certain ministry areas within your congregation. Student Ministry, for example, is a ministry area category that will hold groups such as 8th Grade Girls, 10th Grade Boys, Leader Team, etc.

So how do we keep up with all the different groups and ministry areas within our church? Realm® has made it super easy to design these ministry areas and groups. 

When you login to your Realm account, click the “Admin” tab on the left and then select “Groups” to locate and select “Ministry Areas.” Set up all the different ministry areas within your church. These will be categories like Worship, Student Ministry, Children’s Ministry, and Small Groups within which you can add your groups. 

After your Ministry Areas are all set, start creating and building groups under each category. This might look like the example above where Student Ministry is your Ministry Area and the groups within include “8th Grade Girls” and “10th Grade Boys.” 

PLEASE NOTE: You can even have “Sub-Ministry Areas” within your Ministry Area. Under Children’s Ministry, you can add sub-ministry areas such as “Kid Central” or “Kid Zone” that encompass a certain age range (like 1st – 4th grades). Then, inside your Sub-Ministry Area, you can add the groups such as “1ST Grade,” “2nd Grade,” etc. 

Please see the diagram below for a visual. Ministry Areas, Sub-Ministry Areas, and Groups are a GREAT way to organize all the different avenues of attendees, volunteers, and more within your church.

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