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A Whole World Away

While we are safely tucked away in our office confines here in America, across the Pacific lies a country that is in peril. Unless you’ve

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Girls vs. Boys

I work with a great team of people here at ACS Technologies. It’s always nice to work with people you not only get along with,

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Hometown Trivia

We often have clients and business partners come to our home office. Usually at the start of a meeting with out of town guest we

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Some Friday Humor

On Friday afternoons, the pace of work slows down at ACS Technologies as it does in most offices.  I like to spend the down time

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Target vs. Babies-R-Us

I am proud to announce that I’ll become an aunt twice over in April. My sister and sister-in-love (not just law) are both expecting.  I’m not

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Open for Visitors

Our home office is located in Florence, S.C. right where Interstate 20 runs into Interstate 95.  It is a convenient location for a visit from

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