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What’s in a Title?

What’s in a title?  Over the years of our lives, we are labeled variously–son, daughter, student, young-married, median adult (whatever that means), parent, grandparent.  Recently,

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Year-End Advice

Here are some helpful hints for your year-end system activitives. Don’t wait until the last minute.  Federal law allows until the end of January for

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Feed the Giraffes

Recently, I took a vacation day from work and went to the zoo.  My husband had the day off, and we scheduled a family day. 

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You had me at hello!

Almost everyone has said or quoted this statement some time in their life.   I often use it when I find a product or service that’s

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Getting a Little Muddy

At the end of September, many members of the ACS staff participated in the SC Marine Corp Mud Run. See the amazing group of participants

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This weekend, I heard myself utter the phrase to my husband, “How did I live without my Blackberry?”  It’s one of those life changes that

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