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Swimming Out To the Deep End

In case you aren’t aware our summers down here in SC are hot, hot, hot. In the middle of July and August it’s so hot and muggy that you can break a sweat walking to the mailbox. We have days that start out with 88 degrees and by mid-afternoon the heat index can easily reach 114 degrees.

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A Good Table

I am attending the NACBA conference this week in Orlando.  Part of being a vendor at a conference is to spend time networking  with the

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Top 5 benefits of Scrum Teams

With the number of customers and products we support and the changing needs of churches in the world today, development at ACS Technologies is constantly seeking better ways to

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Group Leaders

I’ve been interviewing people who use groups to accomplish ministry.   I asked the clients to dream, tell me what you need for ministry.   I love

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Next week is the National Association of Church Business Administrators (NACBA) annual conference in Orlando Florida.  I will be attending the conference along with some folks from

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Conference Changes

This year we set out to make some changes to our annual convention.  First step was to change the name from the ACS Annual Convention

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