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Parenting Management via Your Phone – Headmaster App

My kids were playing in the backyard recently, and I was on my phone in a chair nearby. My son sweetly asked me to please stop playing on my phone and come join them. I told him I would love to and would be completed in a minute. I felt badly because I was actually not playing, though. I tried to explain this some to him so he would understand. The majority of my time on the phone is not shopping or scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, especially in daylight hours. I am typically trying to coordinate an event, look something up, or manage something for my children. This made sense to him.

Mom, will you please send my teacher an email and ask her (fill in the blank)?
Can you please check on the school website to see (fill in the blank)?
I am finding these sentences more and more a part of my oldest son’s daily language. He knows if he needs to know something about school, I will often turn to the phone to look it up or contact the individual. He may not understand how all the details work, but he knows that is how it happens.

This is now going one more step forward from ACS Technologies with the release of the Headmaster app. (We are a house divided- my husband has an Android, I have an iPhone. There is a native app for each of us.)

The app lets you see different data for each of your children. You can see all of the events as well as their details including the contact information. Another handy feature is the availability of homework. You can see the assignments and details for each of your children. Attendance and grading information is available for viewing as well. You can also Make payments against your balances via the phone as well.

So, while I am a big fan of being in true presence of your children (and others) when you are with them, sometimes you just can’t. It’s how we moms facilitate and make it all happen. With the Headmaster app, hopefully this will continue to help make that all a little easier.

You can learn more about the new Headmaster app by clicking here.

And, if you’re a Headmaster client, you can join us for our upcoming webinars on October 30 discussing how it can better help you.

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