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Pastoral Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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COVID-19 has made nearly every aspect of doing church more difficult.  Not surprisingly, one of the most distressing aspects of the pandemic for churches is continuing one of their most important functions: pastoral care.  With the inclusion of social distancing, how are pastors supposed to reach those in their congregation in meaningful ways?    

Pastors that use Realm, including the Realm Shepherd app, are finding that they can lessen their “hands-on” approach to pastoral care. And they are doing this without diminishing their value and still positively impact their congregation.  

Everyone in your congregation, at your fingertips

The Realm Shepherd app can quickly and easily find every member of their congregation at a moment’s notice.  Pastors can select an individual, quickly find their profile, and see other members of their family so they always know how their congregation is connected. 




Walk alongside your congregation

It’s easy (and understandable) for pastors to get lost in the stress of what’s happening in their ministry during the pandemic.  However, it’s so important to remember how far each of your congregants has come as they continue to grow both in their faith as well as in your church.  That’s why the Realm Shepherd app presents pastors with each individual’s walk with your church. This includes the groups in which they’re most active, sacramental history, as well as any discipleship tracks they’re on now or in the past.  



Staying connected, even when you’re separated

Though the COVID-19 pandemic may prevent pastors from physically connecting with their congregation, that doesn’t mean they can’t communicate with them when the need arises.  The Realm Shepherd app allows pastors to check in on specific individuals or families by sending them a message to their Realm Connect app. They can also email, especially important for those that are elderly or are immune-deficient.  Pastors can access their mobile number to call or text them directly. No need to know their contact information or scramble to find it at the church office. The Realm Shepherd app pulls information directly from Realm that pastors will need.




Record pastoral care efforts through pastoral notes

Your church’s pastoral care efforts are only as successful as the notes that they record from interactions.  It’s important for the church to have tools so they can record deep, personal connections with their congregants.  Using the Realm Shepherd app, pastors and pastoral care teams are able to document those interactions in pastoral notes. They can even log specific prayers for the individual or notes about how they’re holding up during the pandemic.  You can add notes at any time. They can be referred back to when pastors need a refresher and made private when confidentiality is paramount.



The job of a pastor is ongoing.  That is especially true as the church and its community struggle through dark times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, with all the tools offered in the Realm Shepherd app, pastors are in a great position to continue shepherding their congregation through the pandemic and beyond.

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