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Blog » Pastoring and Parenting…It’s Not Easy!

Pastoring and Parenting…It’s Not Easy!

The team at Barna recently published some statistics on PK’s (pastor kids).
Here are some of the more interesting stats for the full story follow this link.

  •  42% of pastors wish they’d spent more time with their kids.
  • 1 out of 3 PK’s aren’t involved in church when they leave home.
  • 5% of PK’s leave church all together.
  • 40% go through a period of significant doubt in their faith.
  • 28% of pastors feel their kids struggle because of the unrealistic expectations placed on them.
  • 8% of pastors wish they had been more understanding with their kids.
  • 21% of pastors believe they were good parents

Are 42% of pastors bad parents?
That’s too high of a number. If pastors can’t lead at home, they aren’t leading at church.  Pastors must care for their families. Love your kids. Learn to show godliness at home. Jesus spent a lot of time with His closest disciples, and if your kids aren’t your closest disciples, you’re doing it wrong. You will have to sacrifice, but that should be the exception…not the rule.
Your Kids Deserve You.

Don’t sacrifice your children on the altar of ministry. Your kids are part of the plan. God called you, and He knew they were there when he dialed your number.
God isn’t like your college buddy who calls you up hoping you’ll ditch the kids, hang out with him, and watch the game. God expects your relationship with your kids to play an active part in your service to Him.
You must reach your family with the Gospel, and that takes time. When they think of the love of God, you should come to mind. You are the clearest representation of the Gospel that your children will ever read.
 5 Things that are less important than your children.

  1. The men’s group retreat
  2. The upset elder
  3. Your awesome sermon illustration
  4. Your speaking engagement
  5. Your paycheck

No Pastor Bashing Here.

Pastors work hard and sacrifice a lot.
Dear pastors, please, don’t feel judged. That’s not my intent. However, I want you to feel inspired and encouraged to carve out time for your kids. You won’t regret it.
One statistic I left out in the beginning was that only 7% of pastors say their kids currently have nothing to do with faith. That’s less than the national rate that is around 9%. That 2% is small, but it represents souls.
Let us all be reminded to focus on our relationships with our kids.

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