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Why Pastors Deserve To Be Appreciated – Pastor Appreciation Month

As we continue to celebrate Pastor Appreciation month, it is great to see churches all over America recognizing and honoring  their pastors. The position of pastor seems to have taken a cultural hit over the last 50 years and lost a measure of respect that the position once held. However, today’s pastor offers much that may be overlooked and deserving of recognition.

Here are 10 qualities and characteristics that many pastors exhibit that are worthy of our appreciation all year long.

1) Commitment to teach God’s word.
2) Servant’s heart.
3) Sacrificing of time.
4) Availability day or night.
5) Compassion and love for people.
6) Ability to lead.
7) Commitment to reach the un-churched.
8) Prayer life.
9) Yielding to God’s call.
10) Being the shepherd and taking care of their flock.

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