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Planning Your Date Night?

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When you first met your spouse and started dating, it wasn’t even a thought to take notice in one another. It was only natural to show one another love and enjoy as many moments as possible together. Over time, the everyday routine can kick in resulting in us often taking each other for granted. Valentine’s Day is approaching fast so we wanted to give you 20 date night ideas of how you and your spouse can show love to one another — not just for Valentine’s Day — anytime throughout the year.

  1. Movie Night at Home. Don’t just sit on the couch like normal. Pull the mattress off the bed and throw in lots of pillows and blankets. Choose a fun movie and set the scene with all the things you would get at the theatre like popcorn, candy, and drinks. Throw in a blanket fort for bonus points. 
  2. Destination Dining. Choose a fun location you both want to visit one day and then set the dining room up to look like that place. Choose foods you would only eat there and enjoy a night of prepping dinner together and talking about your future travel dreams.
  3. A-la-Carte Outing. Spend a night driving around town to your favorite restaurants getting your favorite food from each place until you’ve put together a full meal. Don’t forget dessert! 
  4. Scavenger Hunt. Surprise your spouse with an epic scavenger hunt. Hide clues all around your house that lead to the big reveal for the rest of the date night. 
  5. Spa Night. You can either go to the spa or create the spa at home. Grab some candles and hit the relaxing music. You can even bring out the spa foods like strawberries and chocolates. 
  6. Enjoy the Fire. There’s nothing more cozy than a fire. Grab a blanket and sit around the fire telling stories and getting to know one another more.
  7. Stargazing. Drive out to an empty field and lay on the hood of the car looking up at the night sky. You can also do this in the back yard. 
  8. Reminisce. Bring out the old photos albums and enjoy some good laughs and maybe even a cry or two as you look back on all the wonderful moments you’ve experienced together.
  9. Picnic. Grab a basket and fill it with all your favorite foods. Find a special place to you both and enjoy a nice picnic together. 
  10. Take a Drive. Hop in the car and go someplace you’ve never been before. See where the adventure takes you.
  11. Hiking. What’s more romantic than a great hike to enjoy some beautiful scenery together?
  12. Learn to Dance. Pick a decade, go to the thrift store, and allow the other person to put an outfit together for you related to the decade in which you’ve chosen. Go home, turn on YouTube, and learn how to dance from that decade while wearing the outfit your significant other put together from the thrift store findings.
  13. Hot Chocolate and Cookies. Light some candles and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while you bake some cookies together. 
  14. Homemade Ice Cream. Make homemade ice cream together. Bonus points if you create a new flavor and name it together. 
  15. Play Hide-and-Seek in the Dark. Who says hide-and-seek is just for the kids? Turn the lights off and count to 30. Enjoy hiding and finding one another. Each time you find your spouse they have to tell you one thing they love most about you. 
  16. Dollar Date. Go to the dollar store and pick out a gift for each other. Lend the gift meaning by bringing up a fun memory and explaining why you chose the gift. 
  17. Love Language Night. Spend time showing love to your significant other according to the language that speaks to them most. Touch — give a massage. Words of affirmation — tell them ten things you love about them. Gifts — spend time putting effort into a nice gift for the other person. Acts of service — do something kind and helpful for your significant other like cleaning the dishes after date night at home. Quality time — spend time hanging out with one another and enjoying meaningful conversation. 
  18. Recreate your first date. Spend time creatively recreating your first date and then reminisce on some of your first memories together. 
  19. Go Glamping. What’s that? Glorious camping in the back yard that is. Pitch a tent, pull out the blankets, enjoy the night sky, a bonfire, and some s’mores together. 
  20. Write a Song Together. It can be sweet, or it can be funny. It can even be about the kids. Have some fun and get creative. Maybe even create your own instruments using household items (like pots and pans). 

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