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QR Codes for the Church – More Tools and Tips

If you enjoyed our recent post on QR codes for the church, read on for even more useful tips on utilizing the interactive graphics, from our monthly ACS Technologies eNewsletter.
QR Codes – A New Ministry Tool for the Church?
by Carol Brown, ACS Technologies
Over the last decade, a huge technology explosion has taken place, some of which the Church has embraced because it’s opened new avenues for reaching unchurched people. But it’s not always easy to keep up with, become familiar with, and then work through how advances in technology can enhance your ministry.
This month’s discussion is about another technology tool that’s been popping up in magazines, newspapers, television commercials, and more. Stick around to learn more about QR codes and how you can use them in ministry.
Deciphering QR Codes
First, let’s define what a QR code is. QR stands for Quick Response and the codes look similar to the one pictured.
QR codes are actually two-dimensional bar codes that contain more information than the typical bar code we usually see. Created back in 1994, by DENSO Corporation, a subsidiary of Toyota, only recently have mainstream companies started using QR codes as an effective marketing tool.
Don’t think they are used much? Between July and December of 2010, QR codes usage increased a whopping 1200%, and in June 2011 alone, 14 million people scanned QR codes on their phones. Smart devices such as a smart phone, iPod Touch,  and iPad can read QR codes. The device must have scanning (camera) capabilities, internet access, and an app called a QR reader, available through app stores. Most QR reader apps are free for download. With so many people using smart phones, most technology experts predict QR code usage will continue to increase.
Creative Ways for Your Church to User QR Codes
Now you know what a QR code is, but how can a church use them in ministry? Here are some ideas to prime your creative juices. Use QR codes:
On a card or sign to link people to an online bulletin. Some churches have large bulletins of 20+ pages because responsive readings or words to hymns are written out. By posting a QR code in the lobby, you can direct people to an online bulletin. This not only allows the church to use less paper, but for the visually impaired, viewing the bulletin on a device like an iPad allows them to enlarge the text to a readable size.
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