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Reaffirmations: Myths, Discipleship and Pokemon Go

Whether you’re a church Pastor, directing a ministry, or simply a volunteer, you most likely don’t have much time in your day to keep up with what’s being written or discussed around key ministry topics like developing discipleship, increasing participation or building stronger church community.
But, that’s OK! Because every week, we’ll round up of some of the most helpful and inspirational news and articles published on the web and give them to you here, in one centralized place as part of our “Reaffirmations Friday.”
Here are the top ministry blogs and articles this week detailing anything you may have missed.
8 Ways Churches Can Capitalize on Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go has quickly become a cultural phenomenon and, whether you realize it or not, that’s a big deal for churches. Let me explain. The app mixes the popular video game with an augmented reality form of geocaching… Written by Aaron Earls
On the Path to Discipleship
Which strategy is the golden key to effectively making disciples in your church? How can you ensure people are on the path to discipleship? I’m not sure there is one singular strategy, as many approaches can work. But I have realized that something is better than nothing… Written by Ed Stetzer
God is Mad at Me, and Other Myths
One day I put a post on Facebook that simply said, “God’s not mad at you,” and the response was overwhelming. In just a few hours, thousands of people responded, desperately needing to be reassured of this fact… Written by Joyce Meyer
To Whom Exactly is Your Church Advertising?
I see a lot of church advertising these days. Many churches are utilizing billboards, print ads, and social media for the purpose of outreach. I love the concept of utilizing creative spaces to advance the kingdom. However… Written by Scott Attebery
5 Steps to Developing Spiritually Mature Disciples
Spiritual maturity is not automatic. It must be intentionally cultivated. This is your role and your responsibility as a leader in your church. Every church should want its people to be as much like Christ as possible. We want them to be spiritually deep.… Written by Rick Warren
Complexity: Why Do Churches Become Over Programmed?
I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of churches over the last several years. In every instance, we always begin by completing an assessment to understand the current health of the church. Through that process, we try to narrow down the core issues…Written by Tony Morgan
The 3 Most Undervalued Staff Positions At Your Church
In a recent study conducted by the APA Center for Organizational Excellence…nearly 49% of all employees believe they are “undervalued” and insufficiently cared for by the companies or organizations they currently work for.… Written by Milan Ford
Did you see an article this week that you think should have made this list? Let us know!

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