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Reaffirmations Friday – May 6th

Whether you’re a church Pastor, directing a ministry, or simply a volunteer, you most likely don’t have too much time during your day to keep up with what’s being written or discussed around key ministry topics like developing discipleship, increasing participation or building stronger church community.
But, that’s OK! Because every week, we’ll round up of some of the most helpful and inspirational news and articles published on the web and give them to you here, in one centralized place as part of our “Reaffirmations Friday.”
Here are the top ministry blogs and articles this week detailing anything you may have missed.
When is it Smart to Create a New Position?
Feeling under pressure? Overworked? Are you and your team working hard but can’t seem to keep up, let alone get ahead? You are not alone. Those of us who hire and lead staff live with the tension of knowing how many staff is the right number, what positions are the right positions, and when is the right time to hire more people. Written by Dan Reiland
7 Sins of Selfish Leaders
Leaders often succumb to the temptation to make everything about them. It is about their goals, their career, and their recognition. They become a selfish leader. But God has called us to be a different type of leader. God has called us to be stewards of people. And rather than take from our team, He has called us to give ourselves to our team. He has called us to be generous leaders… Art Rainer
10 Speaking and Writing Errors That Erode Your Credibility
Words are powerful things. Wield them skillfully and people are more likely to perceive you in a positive light. Speak or write poorly, however, and people may judge you in an instant as being unintelligent, uneducated, or lacking in credibility. Here are several commonly misused words and expressions to get straight, with the version to avoid in bold… Written by Christina Desmarais
What to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Worshiping This Weekend
It happens. Even believers struggle sometimes with worshiping. Life gets hard. Problems get in the way. We go to church, but leave our heart at home. What should you do if you expect to find worship hard this weekend… Written by Chuck Lawless
What Legacy Are You Leaving?
“You can’t take it with you when you die, so spend it all now.” Maybe you’ve heard something like that said before. Basically, spend all your money now because you can’t take it to the grave! But that type of thinking is so backward and selfish… Written by Rachel Cruze
7 Default Zones Every Leader Should Implement
There are a lot of gray issues in leadership. So many times I simply don’t know what to do. I try to lead by consensus building, but even with the strongest teams there will always be decisions about which we just aren’t certain what is the best decision. This is why I like to have some default zones in leadership. When I can’t make a decision – I know where to default… Written by Ron Edmondson
Is there are article you saw this week that you think should have made this list? Let us know!

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