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Blog » New in Realm: Additional Options for Printing Labels in Realm

New in Realm: Additional Options for Printing Labels in Realm

Realm Printing Labels in Realm

We know it’s important for your church to have different options regarding how your congregants are addressed based on the formality of your ministry’s culture or the tone of your message. Last year in Realm, we released the ability to create formal or informal labels for contributors (e.g., emails, giving statements, or communication regarding their gifts to your ministry).

With the latest release, you now have more options for how and where you can print formal or informal label names for People and Personnel in Realm. In this blog, we will share how to set up name formats for people and personnel and the different areas and ways within Realm where you can print formal or informal label names.

Where can you print formal or informal label names in Realm?

  • Queries
  • Pathways People Tab
  • Group Participants List
  • Dashboards

Setting up name formats for People and Personnel

To get started, you’ll need to set up the name format for Personnel and People. To do this:

Navigate to Profiles, Settings, then click on the Name Formats tab.

Printing Labels in Realm

Next, you’ll need to click Edit Name Formats to configure how names display for existing people and personnel profiles. Here you’ll need to select the components that should be included in a formal vs. informal label by default (e.g., include a title, middle name, and suffix in a formal label but not in an informal label).

Printing Labels Realm

Once you have configured your name formats you will then see the name format options populated within an individual or staff profile.

Printing Labels in Realm

How to print formal or informal label names for people and personnel

From the Dashboard, you can select any list of people such as New People (in the Past 30 days). Then you’ll need to select all of their names and click on the action drop-down. Next, select Print Individual Labels

Printing Labels in Realm

Here, you’ll have the option to select a formal or informal name format for your printed labels.

The dashboards aren’t the only area in Realm where you can do this. You can run a custom query. Pull up a group participant list, or a list of people in a pathway. And you have the same option to print formal or informal labels.

More options to simplify your administrative tasks

You no longer have to worry about having to export a list of people into word processing software.Or create label names or mail merges manually. You can now print labels that match the formality you wish to use when addressing individuals and personnel in your ministry right from within a list of people.

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Lily joined the ACST team in 2020. She worked six years at a large church in Atlanta, GA, as the Business Systems Analyst. Lily understands the mission and challenges of the church. She spent her time in ministry utilizing Realm to help solve those challenges. She is passionate about helping our Ministry Partners leverage technology to fulfill their mission and grow their ministry impact.

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