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Reimagining Events With Realm

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The power of prayer can be seen throughout history and in every Christian culture.  With the current state of the world, you’d probably agree that we need prayer now more than ever. 

For this reason, it’s critical that your church encourages both personal prayer as well as praying in large church groups.  However, you know your members lead busy lives. What are the best ways you can communicate when to set aside time to pray so they never miss an opportunity to pray?  

Here are 3 powerful ways you can encourage prayer in your church using Realm Events:

Offering small opportunities to pray together can have a big impact on your ministry.

As a staff member of your church, you know all too well that life happens at inopportune times.  It happens to you as well as those in your congregation.  Beyond that, it’s nearly impossible to create prayer times that work with everyone’s ever-changing schedules.  However, using events in Realm allows you to meet your members where they are instead of creating times that don’t work for them.

Schedule a few short prayer events throughout the week.  Short and sweet is the goal – a quick reminder to momentarily stop during their day to pray for your church and community.  Members can then add the event to their personal calendar through iCal, Google, Yahoo, or Outlook.  That way, they can decide a time that works best for their busy schedules.

Create online prayer meetings that link to your event.

As much as we want to be together for prayer, the reality is that this is still challenging for most of your congregation.  But don’t worry – this is a great time to use Realm Events and technology together to connect your church no matter where they are.  Simply create an online meeting using one of the many free tools available, such as Google Meet.  Once created, add the link to your event and post it in Realm.  As the event begins, everyone – whether it’s a small group or your entire church – can click the link and they’ll be taken directly to your online prayer meeting.

Allow your congregation to leave comments on your prayer events for others to see.

Prayer, whether individually or in groups, is such an important part of your ministry.  But your congregation won’t always be able to attend your online prayer meetings.  This is a great opportunity to allow them to leave their prayers our Realm church software.  By turning on comments for your prayer event, those that aren’t able to attend a prayer meeting can still offer up their heart to your community or ministry.

Prayer is a critical piece of living as a follower of Christ.  And although life can sometimes get in the way of our daily prayer routine, Realm Church Events can encourage your congregation to pray for your church, community, and each other no matter where they are. 

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