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Blog » Reimagining New Christmas Traditions – Blessed

Reimagining New Christmas Traditions – Blessed

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We know gatherings will be hard through the holidays this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Start thinking of new ideas that you can start in your home, neighborhood, or extended family. 

One of these ideas is to start a “Blessed” event in your neighborhood. Start by leaving your neighbors a small gift bag with treats and a sheet that says, “Blessed.” Include instructions for them to hang the Blessed sign on their door and create two additional bags and signs to leave anonymously for two other neighbors. (Avoid any houses that already have a sign on their door!) 

Soon the entire neighborhood will be “Blessed.”  There is a variation of this called “You’ve been Jingled” if you want to do it before Christmas. (Sound familiar? It’s the same concept as “You’ve been Boooo’ed.) 

What you need:

  1. Two 8-½ x 11 signs with “Blessed” printed, drawn, copied from the web, or downloaded from below.
  2. A small bag for the treats
  3. Candy, treats, coloring book, crayons, or fun little toys (Browse the Dollar store aisles)
  4. Print out instructions and place a copy in the bag. The instruction sheet should include this text (you can download and print out the version provided below):

You are Blessed

  1. Enjoy your treats!
  2. Hang your “Blessed” sign on your door.
  3. Keep the Blessings going!  Within three days, distribute two treat bags secretly to your neighbors along with these instructions and a copy of the “Blessed” sign.

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