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Blog » Relieve the Stress of Year-End Statements

Relieve the Stress of Year-End Statements

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Relieve the Stress of Year-End Statements

You know the drill…print year-end statements, fold them to fit into envelopes, stuff them in envelopes then seal the envelopes, print labels, add said labels to the envelopes, then either print postage from your own postage machine or make a trip to the post office (which is packed this time of year) to buy rolls of stamps to then add to the envelopes and finally…drop the envelopes in the mail. Wait a week (or longer according to mail routes during the busy season) and your contributors will receive their year-end statements.

Phew….that’s exhausting! 

What if I told you that now you can relieve the stress of printing and mailing year-end statements with the Parish Life™ parishioner portal?

Upload Documents to Parish Life

Parish Life

If you’re already using Parish Life and have uploaded data to the portal from PDS Church Office™, you’ll see the Parish Life icon on certain family, member, and personnel reports. Any time you see that icon on a report, it means you can upload those documents to Parish Life.

Run the report the same way you typically do and select to email it. A new option will appear allowing you to send a PDS copy to Parish Life. Once you’ve uploaded the documents, parishioners and personnel will receive an email notifying them they have a new document they can view and print from the Parish Life portal. There are multiple email options available allowing you to customize your message to fit your needs. 

View My Documents

As a parishioner, finding my statement or any other document sent by my parish is as quick as logging into the Parish Life portal and clicking on My Profile. Below the options to Edit My Profile and Privacy Settings, I see a section for Documents. From here, I can view and even print my year-end statement and any other documents shared by my parish on my own at my convenience.

Parish Life documents

Remove Documents from Parish Life

Remove documents from Parish Life

Once you’re ready to remove documents that no longer need to be available to view by your parishioners, simply navigate to Parish Life in your information tab of PDS Church Office and choose to Delete Member Documents.

Not already using Parish Life?

Parish Life is an online parishioner portal giving your parishioners ways to connect and contribute to your parish outside the walls of your church. Your members can edit their own profile information and privacy settings, view a parish directory and parish activities, and give online and view their own contribution statements. Learn more and start using Parish Life today.

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